June 28, 2015

My Nephew!

I made a quick journey back to Wisconsin earlier this month to meet the sweet little boy who made me an Aunt and Erik an Uncle!!!  He is also the first cousin for Bennett & Sawyer!
Meet little mister Lewis Dean Balts... born May 25th!
He was a lovely subject for taking pictures of :)
This is the blanket I made for him before he was born!
Just gotta love the many funny faces a baby makes!!!
I was pretty much in awe the whole time I was there of this precious miracle!
It took a while for it to set in for me that my baby sister is now a mommy!!!
And what a good (a.k.a. phenomenal) mommy she is.
I'm so proud of you Shelby!!!
I was sitting here talking with Lewis and he gave me a SMILE and then Shelby and my Mom said "THAT'S HIS FIRST SMILE!!!"  I was ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then he started just making goofy faces at me again. We bonded right away :)
And I kissed him SO many times......
Last pics of my first day with Lewis.

Day #2 started out at the Barron County Dairy Breakfast!
Lewis' first time in the ErgoBaby carrier, he slept the whole time!
Yeah... YUM.
My Mom is the biggest fan of June Dairy month!!!
We ran into some other family members at the dairy breakfast too!
This is my Aunt Claudia sneaking in some cuddle time with Lewis :)
I snapped a few quick family photos before we left.

Then we got to relax at home for a bit before heading into town to visit the Great-Grandparents.
I soaked up every single second I had with him!

Me and my Grandpa Haas!

After our visits we stopped at the grocery store in town before driving out into the country side to Shelby & Justin's new residence for dinner.
This is Shelby & Justin's niece, she asked me to paint her fingernails and toenails :)

Uncle Jason and Lewis!

And in conclusion... how do I sum up how much love I have for my nephew...
...a picture is worth a MILLION words!!!!!!!!

What a great trip!  I am so thankful I got the chance to fly back to meet Lewis and give my sister a big hug and tell her how great she is doing!!!  Lewis is blessed with two amazing parents, I have so much love for them all.  And I just can't wait for my sons to teach Lewis the tricks of the trade when it comes to being messy dirty happy little boys!!!

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