December 28, 2014

Late Pictures of our Early Christmas

Grandma Lori and Grandpa Dean were here visiting a couple weeks ago...
finally, here are the pictures!!!

The lucky grandsons sure were happy to have Grandma and Grandpa around for five days.  
They all had so much fun together :)
Playing with "Photo Booth" on my laptop.

Of course we had good wine!
 Supporting local businesses!!!
 ChewVino, the very awesome wine bar in Chewelah.
Someone, and who knows who it could've been, pre-ordered Grandma Lori a drink!

A walk to the park.

Stopped by a local coffee shop on the walk home, 
the boys loved their "warm" chocolate after playing hard at the park.

We celebrated Christmas while they were here!
Nina guarded the presents to make sure no one did any snooping...
They really spoiled us!!!!!!!!
It was a happy, happy morning :)
Until the Packers lost. boo.
But even then... so much happiness!!!

The time always comes... time to say goodbye... :(
One last game please Grandpa!!!

Bennett multitasking by sharing a sucker and a kiss at the same time ;)

The boys are WELL KNOWN for never wanting to take a nice goodbye picture!!!
At least we know what to expect.
But you'd think we'd plan ahead then, and take the picture before the real goodbye!
But we don't!!!!

We just smile and be thankful for the time we shared together.

Thanks Mom & Dad for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait for your next visit :)

Love you!

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