June 20, 2014

June = BUSY!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this month my loyal blog followers...
these first twenty days of June have FLOWN by...

Our "baby" Bennett turned 3 Years Old today, MY OH MY!!!

Here he is helping to make some birthday cupcakes 
for one of his early celebrations on Tuesday.
(He's pretty much been celebrating his birthday for a week now, 
starting at Marta and Travis' wedding with all the relatives last week! 
And i'm sure the celebrations will continue through for another week 
with the relatives in Wisconsin!!!  LUCKY BOY)
Laurel put him in her apron... just to clarify! ;)

I've also been spending a lot of time training for my new job this past month, and am truly loving that... the new duties and responsibilities are right up my alley!

As a working mom, yes, sometimes I feel spread thin over all my commitments, 
sometimes very thin... 
but this is my life and really I am so blessed!

Grandma Judy and Aunt Abby stayed with us in Chewelah for a few days 
before we all traveled to Priest Lake, Idaho for Marta & Travis' wedding.

Swinging at the Chewelah City Park with Auntie Abby :)

Priest Lake is only an hour and 45 minute drive from our home in Chewelah.
 We camped at the campground on Reeder Bay of Priest Lake for four days and three nights,
it was GORGEOUS the first day, and then it got COLD and windy AND rainy...
 but the boys sure didn't seem to mind!

They looooooove camping... and swimming buck naked....
we'll have to get them out camping a couple more times this summer (hopefully!).

Uncle Carl came back with us after the wedding and he is staying with us in Chewelah for the summer as the boys' "manny" (male nanny!)... And lemme tell you... the boys sure are pleased with this new development, they LOVE their Uncle Carl!!! :) :) :) :) 

And now we're getting ready for our next trip which is a week at my parents' lake cabin in Hayward, Wisconsin... leading up to my cousin Sarah's wedding in Baldwin, WI on 6/28 in which I am honored to be a bridesmaid!!!  
We are leaving SUPER SUPER early on Sunday morning, flying to Seattle and then to Minneapolis.  

Anyway... needless to say there has just been no down time the past few weeks. 
 It's all good stuff though!  Just BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!!!

OH- and I spoiled myself with a new camera as an early birthday present to myself :) :) :) 
I love it so far, Erik and I have taken some awesome pictures and I want to share them with you but that will have to wait until later... it doesn't communicate with my Mac yet, only Erik's computer, and he is gone with it on a work trip so as soon as I can i'll share some of those awesome pictures with you :)

Alrighty, thanks everyone for the birthday wishes to Bennett, 
and happy FIRST DAY OF SUMMER tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Stay cool, even if it means getting in the sink! LOL

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  1. Yay for little boys swimming naked! And yay for your new job, I sort of think you're superwoman for being able to balance everything on your plate. You rock, Amy.