March 9, 2014

You are my sunshine

 Bennett finally fits into the awesome rain boots Auntie Emily 
and Uncle Brad got him when he was a baby!
Rain boots are essential when the hot sun melts all the snow... 
because saying the ground is WET would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!

It looks like I have them caged in these pics... LOL!

We inevitably end up over on the softball field that's practically in our backyard, 
the boys just love playing there.
"In the spring, at the end of the day, 
you should smell like dirt."
-Margaret Atwood
(No you are not mistaken, I was wearing flip flops!)

Annnddd.... a sunny selfie ;)
I actually almost got sunburned after playing outside with the boys for two hours!
My face was pink that evening... mmmm I can feel summertime is near :)
I think it's gonna be a wild and crazy summer this year with these two munchkins runnin all over the place!!!

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