February 10, 2013

Bennett's Backyard Skiing Debut!

19 months old~

Daddy helping him get his ski's on!

A video of Bennett's first two ski run's ever!  
With Daddy of course, solo-riding is still in the future :)

"Hey guys i'm just gonna take a quick break to eat some snow" ;)

We're excited for many many more years of skiing fun with our little man!

Taking in a movie with Daddy and Jack, skiing wears you right out!

We're getting excited as the due date nears for our next little shredder! I'm 38 weeks along now, and i'm starting to experience some of the less pleasant things that come with late pregnancy, but overall i'm holding up well and this has been a great, problem-free pregnancy.  We've been calling it the hulk baby all along because of the strong kicks it gives me, and I feel like it might already be bigger than Bennett was when he was born... I guess we will find out soon!

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  1. So ausome to see Bennett on skies great pics!! It is funny seeing such little bodies on a pair of skies lol:)