March 31, 2013

Easter basket from Grandma Lori & Grandpa Dean

He had just woken up so a little sleepy still :)

March 27, 2013

Enjoying the spring weather

Naked Cowboy...

found a mud puddle.

The kid loves dirt! 

Getting sprayed off :)

Mommy & Daddy bonding time... no better place than on the slopes :)

Getting some Vitamin D... one happy mama!

At the top of Chair 1 at 49 Degrees North ski resort.

The spring conditions were fantastic, we had a great afternoon away from the kids but we kept thinking how fun it will be when they can ski with us too!

A short clip that shows how beautiful the day was :)
This was our last run of the day.

March 25, 2013

Doing his morning chores

Sawyer is 1 Month Old Today...

...and he is already suspicious of the camera! 

And happy to report that big brother is still smitten :)

March 23, 2013

Church Baby Shower Friday March 22nd

What an amazing group of women, they put together such a beautiful baby shower for us!

Sign made by Lorrie!

Adorable and delicious FUNFETTI (my favorite!) cake supplied by Kari!

Diaper cake made by Barb!

Playing games

"The Price is Right" game

The "smell the poop in the diaper" game!!!
(The "poop" being different kinds of melted candy bars... so funny!)

Me and my sons... opening many gifts... 
blown away by the kindness of our new church family.

Sawyer slept through the whole party!  He did wake up right at the very end, to show off his eyes before everyone left, how thoughtful of him :)

A bedtime story... by Bennett

I think we need to hire a translator.

Random assortment of pictures

Visiting Lake Roosevelt (about an hour from where we live).

Shelby & Justin's last day with us :(

All my babies' toes!

Rainbow by our house the other day.

March 18, 2013

Baby noises

Aunt Shelby & Uncle Justin are here!

Bennett loves hanging out with Justin, this is in our backyard at the softball field. 

The happy couple, watching the Pond Skim at 49 Degrees North!

Me & Sawyer went to the Pond Skim too...
Bennett stayed home to nap :)

They are already pro's at taking care of the kiddos!

Can't wait for them to have kiddos of their own :) :) :)

March 13, 2013


A video of Sawyer's first bottle at 2 weeks old.
 I started pumping earlier than I did for Bennett, in hopes that I will get a few hours of skiing in at some point before the season is over this year!!!  He chugged the bottle down with no issues so that makes me hopeful that I will be able to strap on my ski's soon :)

 An explanation for the next picture was in the video too...

He wanted it so bad we just couldn't resist to let him drink out of a bottle... you know, for old time's sake ;)  Plus it was the only way to keep him away from Sawyer's bottle!  

Another first for Sawyer happened today, Wednesday... his first eye exam!


Dr. Bennett O.D. will see you now.

March 12, 2013

March 7, 2013

Fun times with Grandpa Dean and Grandma Lori

Erik, Dad, and Bennett heading out to the bunny hill at 49 Degrees North...
Bennett changed his plans and decided to go look for a good stick in the trees :)

"Hey Dad, whatchya up to?!"

Sawyer's first trip to the ski resort, 1 week old.

A beautiful sunny day in Washington!

As usual, Bennett taking a snow-eating break.

"WOO HOOOO!!!!  Now this is what I call fun!"

Grandpa Dean at the top of 49 Degrees North

Grandpa Dean loves to take Bennett out for walks using the hiking backpack, Bennett loves it too!

 Two boys, two pacifiers :)

Sawyer's first bath at home, 10 days old!

"What's the deal with this now you guys?!"

Sawyer had a check-up today, he weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz!  Everything checked out well with the doctor, Sawyer is a healthy, happy baby boy.  We are so blessed!  Bennett is doing great as well, he's having lots of fun with his Grandparents... we are all sad they have to leave in a couple days :(

March 3, 2013

Picture update

Thursday, February 28th

Post- nap snuggles

Friday, March 1st

Two very special visitors from Wisconsin!

Sunday, March 3rd


"Whoa big bro you're mighty strong!"

"I made him smile! Mark it in the baby book!!!"

"Now listen Grandma... this is how the story goes."

Bennett on the left and Sawyer on the right-  Both pictures taken at five days old

Fairly similar babies, but Sawyer is already developing his own look so he can distinguish himself from his older brother :)